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Our Flavors

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Small - $8 (pint - 16-oz.)

Large - $11 (quart - 32-oz.)

Double Dill: 🥇

   Our Double Dill is our Signature Chip & our #1 Fan Favorite!  It's a thick chip that we pickle twice providing a slightly stronger dill flavor than the Old Fashion.

Old Fashion Dill: 

   Our Old Fashion dill is your classic hamburger dill with a great crunch.

Garlic: 🔸

   Our Garlic chip is another one of our top sellers!  It's a dill chip mixed with fresh ground garlic.

Hot Garlic: 🔺

   Our Hot Garlic is a dill chip mixed with fresh ground garlic and jalapeños.  A great balance of flavor and heat.

Xtra Hot Garlic: 🔺

   Our Xtra Hot Garlic is a dill chip mixed with fresh ground garlic, jalapenos and habaneros.  Great flavor with an extra kick.

Bread & Butter:  🍬

   Our Bread & Butter is SO good - Just like your Grandma used to make.

Hot Bread & Butter:  🍬 🔺

   Our Hot Bread & Butter is like Grandma used to make, BUT Grandma didn't make it HOT like this one!

Horseradish:  🍬 🔸 🥇

   Our Horseradish starts as a sweet pickle  followed by a strong horseradish zing.

Thick-N-Sweet:  🍬

   Our Thick-N-Sweet is a super thick, sweet chip with cauliflower and pearl onions.

Sweet Heat:  🍬 🔸

   Our Sweet Heat is another Fan Favorite!  It starts sweet and finishes with a little heat - adding cauliflower, pearl onions, and jalapeños gives it the perfect kick.

Flaming Dill:  🔺 

   Our Flaming Dill is a thin chip with a great dill bite to start, finishes with a chili pepper heat that kicks in and carries.

Veggie Mix:  🔸

   Our Veggie Mix is a vinegar-based mixture of cauliflower, celery, carrots, and a small amount of pepperoncini and red peppers - the mix of vinegar and peppers gives it a little bite.


Symbol Key:

🍬 = Sweet pickle 

🔸 = Mild heat

🔺 = Full heat

🥇 = Fan favorite

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